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We Love Framing

Quality framing forms the structure of your home.  Come see why ours is better.

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Builders and Designers know why wood trusses are the best value, you should too...

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Amazing Homes

     So you’ve decided to build something amazing, maybe your dream home.  Homes pictured above were built by local professional home builders or self-build customers in the Lawton area.  Click the picture to link to the builder’s website or email link.

     We know you want your amazing home to be built to provide a lifetime of value, satisfaction and comfort for you and your family.  Building homes and projects of all sizes is our vocation and passion.  We want to help you go far beyond “build it right” to build it AMAZING.

     To get started on the path to your amazing home click our Project Planning tab at the top of this page.  There you will find our guide to successful project planning.  From acquiring architectural plans, selecting a site, understanding financing needs to selecting a builder or understanding the demands of self build many topics are covered. 

     Building your amazing home can be a daunting process.  You can rely on us to provide advice on identifying structural requirements for Framing and Wood Truss Systems,  Product selection and specifications, tips for avoiding common construction problems, enhancements to your design,  code compliance and permits.  We promise to provide support from concept to completion, as much or as little as you need.

     If you have built or are currently building an amazing home and would like to have it featured in our AMAZING HOMES gallery, please Contact Us.